A Thought on India Independece Day

68 years of independence . but every day my belief keeps getting stronger and stronger that we have not achieved independence yet. We are now living in a nation where you have to think twice before expressing your opinion.Where questioning Anna Hazare movement makes you anti national, Where opposing divisive politics of regional leaders results in your house gets vandalized,Where people trying to find privacy and spend some time with their companion have to face public humiliation and shaming. India was never such a shallow and narrow minded country.And we are the once who take pride in declaring we introduced kama sutra to the world.And to top it all they are talking about India as a Hindu Nation. India is much that of a sikh,Jain or muslim as that of a hindu. To discuss things like that is hitting and tearing apart the very idea of India as a plural and secular Nation for which a 100 year long freedom struggle happened and our Freedom Fighters gave their life for. This is not the India they imagined and gave their life for. As the world around us keeps moving towards liberation , boundaries getting diminished , we keep getting more and more unforgiving towards freedom of expression which is a true symbol of a Free and healthy democracy. so this independence day sit back and think how do we uphold true idea of freedom . because we are still not a free country .
Happy Independence day .