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Who are these people? When does humanity stoop to such levels that we cease to be humans any more ?
An angry psychopath running a truck through unsuspecting people going about their lives as usual . Navraj Singh Nothing to do with the war crimes their governments are accused of . Some of them children who had barely started to understand this world . Completely unaware that they will have to loose their lives to hateful propaganda of some mad men . All this in the name of religion . To those who think they are going to heaven for butchering innocent people , are they really that stupid ?
Those who think they will be awarded with hoors in jannat , if they can’t get laid here on earth will God help you for that as well ?

Navraj Singh
How can you expect to achieve heaven if you are unable to enjoy this rare beautiful planet in the universe .
Thousands of years of evolution and the humans despite claiming to be most evolved and sophisticated species on the top of the food chain are hell bent on destroying the place they live and survive in . The lesser intelligent species kill each other because of one simple need, survival . We do that simply because of our prejudice . Skin Color or religion or any other division we have created so far in the name of progress.
Navraj Singh has now entered a phase where war of civilisations has truly begun and there seems to be no looking back .
Going by this rate I highly doubt we will survive 100 more years . All it takes is one mad man to lay his hands on nuclear weapons and the annihilation of humanity is certain. There is a high chance that when an alien civilisation comes looking for us we will be long gone and they will be studying our history and comparing us to dodos. Birds so idiot they were unable to survive on earth.

To all those who think religion is worth taking a human life , I have this beautiful quote from no one else than King of Saudi Arabia itself. ” if allah wanted everyone to be Muslim on this earth , everyone would have been Muslim “. It’s not that there are sane voices within the religion itself . I have some lovely friends from that faith and I respect them highly . My biggest grudge is that the moderates never really stood up and openly condemned these extremist voices . None of them had the audacity to counter them and say don’t ruin the name our faith and use it for terrorism and kill people . Had that been the case these killers might not have gone so far .
In all my previous posts I stayed politically correct and never took names but with each such massacre , it has now come to a stage where peace loving people will have to wake up and stand to these mad men . Otherwise our future generations stand no chance of survival . And it’s not only one faith, the extremism is growing each and every where . So what with Hindu vigilantes killing humans in order to protect a cow. Where is the humanity and compassion in this ? None .
The Sikhs fighting with each other , making assassination attempts so the Gurudwara prabandhak committees can be taken over . Nothing is sacred any more .
The better option will be to shed this cancer named religion altogether but I guess it’s too late for us to come out from its shackles. We have already had a dozen extinction level events before this , all caused by nature . The next one is surely going to be caused by humans . I hope after this one , when the next race of humans arrive and roam on this earth , they will truly be humans in every sense of the word .