Hello WWW

Its been years in the coming. i have been trying to write and maintain a blog. but finally all i could do is upload a page to the website and then forget about it. A part of the problem was trying to figure out what i really am and what areas to explore as a writer. Now that i have gone past the identity crisis in my life, i thought its better to explore my creative side and write on Relationships, politics and society. Even though i had quite a success as a movie critic on social networks and i have seriously given a thought about doing it regularly, i cant get to watch enough movies regularly to do it. So for now it stays at Essays for now. And for my friends and well wishers, its good bye social media from now. I somehow am not comfortable in people telling me what movies they are watching and what restaurant they are eating in.Networks like facebook have lost their essence.Once that were meant to connect you with friends have now been used for promotion, social media campaigns,Lost and found. Practically everything except their original purpose to connect. And needless to say me being a man of few words and quite a private person dont have much to share with the world. All i have is thoughts and opinions, Some quite radical and polarising. So thats what i am planning to achieve here. Open up myself and let others know whats cooking inside my tsunamical oceanic kind of a head. Of course to only those who are interested to know. Take care everyone.