Syrian Toddler’s Death – Time for humanity to introspect

Few images have touched the collective conscience of the whole world than the images of a lifeless body of a 3 year old boy named aylan in recent times. It was splashed across different newspapers, tv channels and websites across the globe. it shook the whole world. As a parent to a 3 year old child, it shook me to the very core.  We humans pride ourselves on the top of the evolutionary chain, being the most sophisticated, complex and intelligent creatures of this planet. And yet there is mass slaughtering, bombings, and most gruesome of murders everyday. From the neanderthals of Africa to the suited gentlemen of England we still have to look inside ourselves and answer uncomfortable questions. We divided our planet into countries and then divided people into religions and what good has come out of it?

We are at war with ourselves not with an alien species .The conflicts keep spreading across the globe , the nuclear weapons keep piling up and its all a matter of time . given the way we have handled our precious planet do we actually deserve to survive ? The next mass extinction seems very likely and is going to be brought upon by us. And now dare I say that it will not be a bad idea if an artificially intelligent machine takes over or another civilization from space comes up and takes control . probably then we will behave ourselves ? Till then world leaders have a lot to think about . I just wish no other aylan looses his life to this madness . but even I know this wish is not going to be true.