To tolerate or not ??

Some more comments on india’s hot favorite topic “Tolerance” . Sorry fellows but cant stop myself from jumping into the debate time and again. Let me make one point perfectly clear on the beginning itself that i am no aamir khan fan. when whole of india was busy giving a standing ovation to aamir khan on 3 idiots i was one of the very few guys who hated it. I thought it was an offensive and vulgur film. Aamir khan pretending to be an intellectual while having commercial motives behind them. Dhobi ghat was the nail in the coffin and after that i never went in to see an aamir promoted movie. But now that the whole of country is going after aamir khan some raising very valid counter arguments while other just indulging in vendetta, Lets just sit back and answer the question what exactly is the definition of the so called tolerance . Its an open question to every one sharing BJP created posts on social media asking to abandon aamir and shahrukh’s movies or asking him to board a flight to pakistan. Tolerance is how you are able to deal with some one’s mistakes rather than expecting some one to be at his best behaviour all the times. So as a celebrity or even as an ordinary indian aamir or shahrukh or whoever xyz is well within their rights to take a stand, choose a side or make a statement. Now given the mortaility of being a human(not the one endorsed by salman) its impossible for any person to stay politically correct all the times. we all make faux paus every now and them. Given the first chance every one goes after persecuting you for having an opinion is certainly not healthy trend in a society claiming to be open and fair. Now that every one has a facebook account and a whatsapp installed on his phone, people seem to be eager to become crusaders of justice and sentence the culprits to punishment. The sense of validation is all the more if the person is turns out to be a celebrity. There is an urgency to label everything. He is either a national or anti national. He belongs to either congress and BJP. Well there are people who are fed and disgusted by both the parties. Some of them are paranoid, some of them are raising valid concerns. you can not term their fears and insecurities as manufactured protests and reject them altogether. and FYI simply involving in such hue and cry validates Aamir khan’s stand point and proves his statements are very much correct. While these celebrities earning 100 crores per movie are very much safe sitting in their mansions. you can not deny some one was butchered in UP or J & K because he preferred to eat certain kind of non vegetarian meal. An author was murdered because he chose to question right wing thoughts.Would you ever like to live in a society where mobs deliver justice and not courts? Slowly and definitely we are moving in that direction.Voices of reasons and sanity are being suppressed by violent protests and the leaders of the country even refuse to recognise there is a problem.These are not signs of good days ahead. So debate is not whether aamir khan is safe or not. Debate is whether the man walking on the streets feels the same way or not. and FYI people please stop sharing celebrity posts, speak your own mind.i would be happy to hear and counter your original arguments.